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ドミコ domico [日]

  • July 28 (Sun)  11:30-12:10  RED MARQUEE
さかした ひかる(Vo,G) 長谷川啓太(Ds,Cho)
これまで『soo coo?』(’16.11)、『hey hey,my my?』(‘17.10)、『Nice Body?』(‘19.2) 3枚それぞれに異なる個性のアルバムをリリース。ドミコの真骨頂は音源のみならず、ステージ上2人だけで音を重ね原曲を変幻自在に進化させていくライブにも定評がある。
FUJI ROCK FES.’17、RISING SUN、RUSH BALL等に出演。JET全国ツアー(’18.3)帯同、中国ツアー(‘17.11)、SXSW及び全米6箇所のツアー(‘18.3)、台湾公演(‘18.12) 等を経て、’19年2月全国15箇所のALワンマン『Nice Body Tour?』で更なる成長を遂げた。まさに世界照準の音を鳴らすバンドである。

Formed In 2011, Domico consists of Hikaru Sakaru(Vo/Gt) and Keita Hasegawa(Dr/Cho) as two piece band. They are the ones who distinguish themselves from others by their originality.
Not only with their music, Domico has a great reputation for live performances that of just two people on stage overlapping multiple sounds onto their original tunes which guides audiences into many imaginative scenery.
So far they have released three albums with individuality "soo coo?" (‘nov, 2016), "hey hey,my my?" (oct, 2017) and "Nice Body?"(feb, 2019) .
The band has made appearance in countless major festivals domestically such as FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ''17, RISING SUN, RUSH BALL, etc.
Not to mention, JET National Tour (mar, 2018), China Tour (nov, 2017), SXSW and 6 show tour in the United States (mar, 2018), Taiwan Tour (dec, 2018), etc.
With their recent headline national tour ''Nice Body Tour?’ which sold out in Tokyo, the band has achieved much success and growth. Domico is the band that strives for the sound towards worldwide audiences.
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